Exhibition and collection

Several high light exhibitions contributed to maintain the reputation of the collection in Europe, especially in Germany, Belgium, and France. Some of the ones listed below brought a new steps in the evolution of the collection, its concepts and the works presented, in order to satisfy the public and institutions expectations. 30 years ago, many people was frighten to enter into the museum asking “is it dangerous, I am pregnant?” ” What is that?” “Is it atomic?” Then visitors wonder what we can do with holograms, what are the technical applications. Then we had a new phase. Holography is finished. It is over, do not talk about it. In 2010 the industry brought on the market many new 3D technologies they developed, expecting it would make a tremendous economic impact.

  • Let it Flow
  • Experience Holography
  • From Hologram to Synfogram
  • Let it be light